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Digital Nomad in Spé

Bom dia from the beautiful Lisbon!


‘Digital Nomad’ I was really fascinated about this concept when I first heard about it.

For me the definition of a Digital Nomad is someone who works online, with digital tools which makes them able to have freedom. Freedom to work whenever and from whatever place they choose.

Sounds great right? Well, that’s also what I think!

I was so lucky to get in touch with Alex Malone (owner of meetingsinthesun). She was my teacher at school, but before, she traveled the world for two years as a digital nomad. It’s because of her that I got to know this concept. She got me involved in different projects and she let me join on these amazing workations. I quickly noticed that this lifestyle was something I've unconsciously been looking for.



At my school they are preparing me to become an employee in the 9-5 system. They make it seem like this is the only way to go. I think this is kind of old fashioned. Especially nowadays, because there're so many possibilities. You can learn so much online, that you don't really need school anymore. It's also about the experience you have, discipline and the people you know. I never went to filmschool, but I've been working as a freelancer in this field for a while now. I self-taught everything I need to know as a filmmaker and entrepreneur, I worked for free to get the experience and I got to know the right people to inspire me and help me reach my goals.

I don't want to say that you should drop out of school, because they are teaching us some valuable things for sure.

I've been really struggling on what I wanted to do in life. I've always been a creative, but everyone kept telling me there's no way to get a decent job out of that. And that's the thing. I don't have to. So I changed my mindset.


Right now I'm doing my minor abroad, in Lisbon for five months. This is the perfect opportunity for me to crawl into this digital nomad world, to learn from it and build my network. I have to keep challenging myself and get out of my comfort zone in order to pursue this remote lifestyle. I will blog about this experience more during my time here in Lisbon, hoping to inspire people like myself. There're other things out there and if you love travel, this lifestyle might also be great for you. Just give it a try!





Follow my journey as a Digital Nomad in Spé here. 


Ciao, X Lisa 


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